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Mini Robotic Crawler Sewer Pipe Inspection Systemn for DN 150mm-600mm

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Подробная информация о продукте
привод мотор ДК 2 Колеса для колес
РАБОЧАЯ ТЕМПЕРАТУРА -10ºC~50ºC взбираться 45 градусов
Скорость 32m/min Водонепроницаемый IP68
Высокий свет

cctv pipe inspection cameras


pipeline inspection robot

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Характер продукции

Pan and Tilt Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot for Small Pipe Diameter 150mm-600mm 

The system is mounted with intelligent 4 wheel drive as carrying platform, equipped with industry level high resolution color camera unit, motion detection units,the video recording terminal, and auxiliary power lighting source for clear and live video recording. It is a professional solution to inspect various hidden space, underwater, inflammable, explosive, radiation and other places of high-risk real-time detection.This product is now widely used in pipeline detection, mine exploration, tunnel acceptance, earthquake rescue,and widely welcome for stable working and easy control.



The system is compoposed of mini crawler, pan&tilt camera, automatic cable drum and control units. The crawler can match different types of cameras(I.e. pan & tilt camera, axial camera, fish-eye camera) according to diffrerent requirements, it is suitable for 150-600mm diameter pipes.



 It is mainly used for pipe, sewer, drain inspectrion. The device is equipped with powerful lights and portable power supply. The longest cable can be 300 meters according to the requirements of customers. It is a waterproofed product that can be immersed into water up to 10 meters.



1. High CCD camera module

2. Adjustable light brightness

3. 8.4" touch screen, sunshine readble

4. Powerful crawler drive

5. Interchangeable parts

6. Remote control App.



System Configuration

Standard Configuration Optional Parts
TVS150 crawler JT60 axial camera
JT-2000 pan & tilt camera JT360 fish-eye camera
Automatic cable drum Manual cable drum
MK3 control unit PA500 portable movable power
Manhole hook, tool bag and other accesories  


Mini Robotic Crawler Sewer Pipe Inspection Systemn for DN 150mm-600mm 0

Technical Parameter



Control Unit MK3


1,Pad Style Control Unit, 8.4' Touched LED, Readable in Sun Shine, 1024*768 resolution, 4.1kg
2,Win7 system, 128GB SSD, Record video in site, 100+ hours video can be saved.
3,Camera position, elevator position in Graphs
4,Inclination report in site.
5,System status, work parameter can be query.

Pan&Tilt Camera JT2000


1,360 degree, no limited rotate
2,The lens heating can prevent fog
3,Camera light can be adjusted
4,Maximum Brightness upgrade 50%, More suitable for small diameter
5,Optional Laser, calibrate defect size

Cralwer TVS-150


1. Waterproof to IP68
2. Working temperature: -10ºC~50ºC
3. Suitable pipe diameter: 10mm~600mm
4. Drive: two DC motor
5. Inclination: mesurement scope ±45 degree, pecision 0.1 degree
6. Speed: adjustable speed, max. 32m/min
7. Direction: forward, backward, left, right
8. Pressure indication: green light(1.2-1.5 bar, normal pressure), red light abnormal light.
9. Climbing: max. climb degree about 50° according to diffrerent pipe status
10. Rear sight camera: integrate camera and light, inspect crawler backwards and cable retreiving

Automatic Cable Drum DLPA300


1,6 cores cable, Weight reduction 50%, Cost and failure rate significantly reduced
2,standard length: 200m,max. 300m
3,Automatic cable drum

Fish-eye camera JT360(Optional)


1. View360 degree sight inside the pipe.
2. 92 PCS high-light LED lamps, illumination reaches to 200lm
3. Resolution: 3000k pixel, high quality picture.
4. Waterproof: IP68, workable 10 meters underwater.
5. The videos and pictures recorded by MK3 full-view camera can spread full-range picture inside the pipe by PanoProfile 3D software, and generate 2D profile picture, in order to realize accurate measurement of pipe defects, install 3D mould, and create inspection report.
Manual cable drum DLPM120(Optional) 1,Manual cable drum
2,standard length: 120m

Remote Control APP.
Install our MK3 Remote Control APP. on your cellphone or Pad developed by Android system, you can remote control MK3 control unit.
Mini Robotic Crawler Sewer Pipe Inspection Systemn for DN 150mm-600mm 1